Skuad Prihatin & Social Synergy

PERKESO Prihatin

PERKESO Prihatin is a new branding strategy inspired by YBhg. Dato' Sri Dr. Mohammed Azman Bin Dato' Aziz Mohammed as Group Chief Executive Officer of PERKESO. Through this branding strategy, a proactive initiative was created with the establishment of the PERKESO Skuad Prihatin.

PERKESO Prihatin Squad was established in 2016 as a container of concerned aspirations to implement a proactive measure to detect, track and implement immediate benefit processing through various channels such as print, electronic and social media.

Positive Impact of Skuad Prihatin

  • Increasing the competency level of Squad Officers in each PERKESO office through a more systematic, comprehensive, and efficient monitoring of reporting and activities.

  • A more effective and accurate level of reporting in terms of organisation and coordination via MySynergy System.

  • Savings in publicity costs in the media as the result of an increase in the number of engagement sessions with media, individuals, interested agencies by Squad Officers in each office.

Social Synergy

The Social Synergy Program is an innovative movement initiative born in 2017 to create the first social security platform in Malaysia. This program was built by adapting social security models from developed countries such as Australia, England, the United States and so on.

This program is built with a systematic, comprehensive, holistic and continuous design. By combining three (3) social security entities namely Social Insurance, Social Assistance and Labor Market Intervention, this initiative is seen as the best formula to deal with the problems of poverty, dropout and the incoherence of social security benefits which contribute towards overlapping benefits and benefits.

Social Synergy Objective

  1. Increase subsistence income & reduce the prevailing poverty rate.

  2. Provide a centralized, systematic, and comprehensive social security platform for all Malaysians.

  3. Produce more competent social security practitioners to form a superior social security community.

  4. Making Malaysians more Holistic by having competent skills in various fields.

Prihatin Mobile App

All community leaders consisting of Members of Parliament, Members of the State Assembly and Members of the Senate will be given access to channel information on prospects who have any problems that plague their lives to be helped by various agencies that provide social security benefits through the Social Synergy Program to avoid dropout and duplication issues of benefits.

Download the Prihatin app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to easily share the information and take advantage of other Prihatin apps features. Case status can also be checked online.

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