Foreign Workers

Effective 1 January 2019, employers who hire foreign workers  shall register their employees with Social Security Organisation and contribute to the Employment Injury Scheme under the Employees’ Social Security Act 1969 (Act 4). The rate of contribution is 1.25% of the insured monthly wages and to be paid by the employer. Registration can be made via ASSIST portal or by submitting the registration form to the nearest PERKESO office.

Existing foreign workers in Malaysia who have valid Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS), they have to register with PERKESO by their employers a day after expiration of FWCS, subject to the end of the cooling-off period for FWCS on 31 December 2019. Starting from 1 January 2020, all employers shall register with PERKESO although such foreign workers are still covered under FWCS.

New foreign workers entering Malaysia on or after 1 January 2019 have to register with PERKESO once they are validated by the immigration Department of Malaysia at any gazetted port of entry.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Must possess valid passport and Special Pass for new foreign workers; or
  • Must possess employment pass and Temporary Employment Visit Pass or a valid employment pass for existing foreign workers, whichever is applicable.


Registration of employees must be made by the employers and it is the employees responsibility to ensure that you are registered and your contributions are paid fully by both parties. You may find the registration process in the link below.


Medical Benefit

Employees suffering from employment injuries or occupational diseases may receive free medical treatment at SOCSO’s panel clinic or Government clinic / hospital until they are fully recovered.

Employers or employees can claim for reimbursement of expenses incurred in respect of medical treatment at SOCSO’s non-panel clinic. Application can be made to SOCSO and the reimbursement is subject to such condition as determined by the Organisation or according to Fees Act 1951.

Temporary Disablement Benefit

Period of Temporary Disablement

  • Temporary Disablement Benefit is paid for the period the employee is on medical leave certified by a doctor for not less than 4 days including the day of accident.
  • However, Temporary Disablement Benefit will NOT be paid for the days for which the employee works and earns wages during this period.

Rate of Temporary Disablement Benefit

  • The daily rate of Temporary Disablement Benefit is 80% of the employee’s average assumed daily wage. The minimum rate is RM30.00 per day while the maximum rate is RM132.00 per day.
Permanent Disablement Benefit

Employees who suffer from permanent disability due to employment injury can apply for this benefit. 

Rate of Permanent Disablement Benefit

  • The daily rate of Permanent Disablement Benefit is 90% of the employee’s average assumed daily wage, subject to a minimum of RM30.00 per day or a maximum of RM148.50 per day.

Claim Period

  • Claim must be made within 12 months from the last date of the temporary disablement.

Assessment and Payment

  • Assessment and Payment Claims will be referred to the       Medical Board for permanent disability assessment.
  • If the assessment does not exceed 20%, payment can be made in the form of lump sum.
  • If the assessment exceeds 20%, the employee is given an option to commute 1/5 of daily rate of the benefit into a lump sum payment while the balance will be paid monthly for whole life.
Constant Attendance Allowance

This allowance is paid to foreign workers who is suffering from total permanent disablement (100%) and is so severely incapacitated as to constantly require the personal attendance of another person, certified by Medical Board or Special Medical Board or the Appellate Medical Board.

The allowance is fixed at RM500 per month.

Rehabilitation Facilities

These facilities are given to eligible employees  that includes :

  1. Physiotherapy 
  2. Reconstructive surgery
  3. Supply of prosthetics, orthotics and other appliances
  4. Supply of orthopedics apparatus such as wheelchair, crutches, hearing aid, spectacles, special shoes and others

All expenses incurred for the above rehabilitation facilities will be borne by SOCSO based on stipulated rates, terms and conditions.

Dependants' Benefit

If an employee dies as a result of an employment injury, his dependants are entitled to this benefit.

Rate of Daily Benefit To Be Paid

  • Daily rate is 90% of the average assumed daily wage subject to a minimum of RM30.00 per day and a maximum of RM148.50 per day.

Dependants and Daily Rate Share

i. The daily rate share for for Dependants’ Benefit is based on the following priorities:

Dependants' Share Of Daily Rate Details
Widow/widower 3/5

Receives benefit for life even though widow or widower remarries (on or after 1 May 2005)

Child (An eligible child includes biological, dependant step-child, adopted child, or an illegitimate child is entitled to receive benefit)


Eligible to receives benefit up to age 21 or marriage (whichever occurs earlier)

If the child is currently studying in an institute of higher learning, he/she will receive benefit until the completion of the first degree or marriage (whichever occurs earlier)

If a child is mentally retarded or physically incapacitated and is incapable of supporting him/herself, the benefit will be paid as long as the child is unable to support him/herself

ii. If an employee dies and does not leave any widow or widower or children, the Dependants’ Benefit will be paid to:

Dependants' Share Of Daily Rate Details
Parents 4/10 Eligible receives benefit for life


3/10 Eligible receives benefit up to age 21 or marriage (whichever occurs earlier)

(If parent passed away)
4/10 Receives benefit for life
Funeral Benefit

Benefit payments will be made to eligible dependants’ or parties who bear the funeral costs. The payment amount is the actual amount of expenses or the maximum payment amount whichever is lower based on the receipt submitted.

The maximum amount of this benefit payment is as below:

  • If the death occurs in Malaysia and the burial takes place in the country of origin, a maximum cash payment of RM6,500 including the cost of shipping the remains/ashes to the country of origin.
  • If the death and burial only take place in Malaysia, a maximum amount of RM2,000 will be paid.
  • For periodic benefit recipients, if death and burial occur in the country of origin, a maximum amount of RM2,000 will be paid.

Invalidity Scheme

Additional Initiative: Funeral Repatriation Cost

Other than the benefits mentioned above, PERKESO provides an additional initiative for when a foreign worker dies in Malaysia due to circumstances not arising from or not related to the employment.

The cost of repatriation of the foreign worker's remains/ashes to the home country may be reimbursed by PERKESO maximum RM4,500.00 based on the receipt (subject to current policies).

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