Panel Clinics

The selected panel clinics to provide medical treatment for any Insured Person under PERKESO due to 'Employment injury ’ are known as Panel Clinics (Insured Person) PERKESO.

'Employment Injury' defines as an employee whom meets with an accident or occupational disease during the course of and arising out of his/her employment at workplace.

Insured Person / Employer : Employer or Insured Person may refer to the list of clinics to receive emergency treatments. Ensure to make available of the following documents : Form 21 (Accident Report), Form PKS 68 or PKS 69 (Occupational disease reports) or cover letter from the employer.


  1. The uploaded list of clinics complied with the standard requirements of PERKESO’s panel clinics as per stated in Circular of Insurance Doctor of PERKESO No. 1 Year 2010.
  2. Ensure to complete Form DIP4 – Information Form of Occupational Health Training by PERKESO’s Medical Board will be attached if not listed.

Any questions or exchange information can contact the clinic as follows :

Phone                       : 03-4264 5061

Fax                             : 03-4356 8325

Mailing Address     :     

Bahagian Perubatan & Pemulihan, Tingkat 15, Menara PERKESO, Jalan Ampang,
50538 Kuala Lumpur

Frequently Asked Question

1) What are the documents required by the OB / employer to be brought together during emergency treatment at the Clinic Panel?
  • Insured Person / Employers need to bring along :
    1. Form 34 : Borang Butiran Notis dan Tuntutan Faedah,
    2. Form PKS(P)68 : Occupational Disease Report; or Form PKS(P)69 : Notice of Occupational Disease of the Insured Person representative
    3. Introduction letter from employer.
  • The forms can be downloaded from ( Link number 5 - To Be Brought By Form OB / Employer )
2. What are the categories of PERKESO panel clinic ?

PERKESO Panel Clinics consist of 3 categories:

  1. Panel Clinic for Insured Person;
  2. Clinic for PERKESO Health Screening Program ( HSP ) / (HSP)-
  3. PERKESO Panel Clinic for staff
3. How to register as a Panel Clinic for Insured Person ?

Documents required :

  1. Letter of application together with a proposal Clinic and clinic profile
  2. Copy of Identity Card of every doctor
  3. Copies of recognized training  occupational health certificates (Refer Circular on PERKESO Insurance Doctor No. 1 of 2010)
  4. Copy of Form 12 - Latest Annual Practising Certificate (APC) for every doctor
  5. Copy of Form 10 - Certificate of Registration 
  6. Copies of Form B or F - Certification to Establish / Maintain / Handle / Provide Private Medical Care / Clinic
  7. Panel List - Company or employer who appoints panel clinic.
  8. Treatment quotation
4. What should be done if there are any changes related to the clinic ?

The panel clinic must inform the current status of the clinic if there are any changes / cancellations name of the doctor , address , telephone number , fax number and e-mail of the clinic to PERKESO via the postal address as stated above.

5. Examples Of Occupational Health Training Certificate :
  1. Certificate In Occupational Medicine - MEDICAL PROGRESS INSTITUTE
  2. Workshop on Occupational Health - NIOSH
  3. Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health - UKM
  4. Occupational Health Doctor ( Module 1) – NIOSH
  5. Examination Doctors Health – NIOSH
  6. Occupational Health Course For Medical Practitioners - AOEM
6) How do I get the Form 13?

Clinic Panel can get the form at the nearest PERKESO office.

Menara PERKESO, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

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